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Exclusive Marketplace Of
Emerging Brands And Tastemakers.

Set up your online store in minutes and curate items from other stores you like. All while building your network of creative friends around the world.

Buy From Tastemakers You Trust.

When we want to buy an exclusive item, we look to tastemakers
in our network to find inspiration.

Kasomi helps you buy smarter from the tastemakers you trust. And you,
in turn, become a tastemaker who recommends exclusive pieces to
your friends and followers on the app.

When friends buy your recommended item, you
earn a commission from the seller.

Kasomi Wallet

With your mobile wallet, you can shop
on Kasomi, earn money and send payment
to friends in real time. No fees.

Set Up Your Online Store

Creating an online store is quick, easy and free. In just a few
clicks on your phone, you can customize your profile, add your products and start selling.

Kasomi For Sellers

  • Stay Safe

    Business with people you trust through a secure payment system.

  • Buy Smarter

    Hand-crafted goods, Gadgets, Accessories, Clothing, Home Decor ...

  • Recommend

    Earn commission on sales of products you recommend.

  • Go Private

    Choose your shop privacy. Public or only friends.

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Kasomi is available in Public Beta on iPhone, iPad, Android and more to come.